Looking For a Job? Harness the Power of Social Networking – Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed some of the online tools job seekers can use to maximize job search results.  In this article we will focus on ways to ensure your Facebook presence is aligned with your job search objectives.

When’s the last time you checked your privacy settings on Facebook? Unless you have taken the time to create some restrictions, third party programs – that means apps that run on Facebook but have not been created by Facebook – will be granted access to all of your most personal information as soon as any of your friends select one of these applications.  Sound far fetched?  Chances are good that you have already engaged one or more of these applications yourself.  Make your way to the App Settings page under privacy. This will show you all the apps you’ve used that have some level of access to your data and all of your friends’ data. Click on Edit to set each one individually.

You may be thinking “I would never post a compromising picture or story about myself so I don’t need to worry about this.”  Think again.  Can you confidently say that about every friend connection you have?  Unless we engage the privacy settings we are all as vulnerable as the most indiscrete member of our friends group.  Ever notice all the digital and cell phone photos being taken at parties and outings lately?  Many of these end up on Facebook.  You may be tagged by name and not even know it. One picture of you pretending to drink out of a bottle of Jack Daniels is all it takes to impact your personal brand.  If you’re looking for work at a financial institution or other conservative organization, this is bad press and could be sufficient for you to be passed up in a competitive job market.

So take a look.  Set your privacy settings according to your desired level of risk.  Google your name.  Start actively managing your online presence so that it becomes a positive force in securing your next career opportunity.

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