Running A Good Race

Inspiration is everywhere. The trick is recognizing it and grabbing it. Today I found it in a Facebook status from my friend Donna. She wrote this in preparation for running in a half marathon. I think we can all glean something from her words.

DonnaFLDonna Foster-Larocque

my race mantras for today: Run Strong and steady. tough times will pass. Your mind is in charge. Keep your head in the game as it controls the body. Break down the route and set goals to reach each point. Just do it! Things can happen that are out of your control, deal with it, stay relaxed and in control of your best performance.  Pace yourself!

Donna finished the marathon today.  Way to go!  If you’re interested in investigating running for fitness you can find Donna at Totum Life Science in the Toronto area or look her up on LinkedIn.

Whether you’re planning on running in a marathon or working your career with laser focus —  determination and endurance are valuable qualities.  I’m going to think of Donna and her mantra as I stretch myself toward running a good race this week.


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