Managing Up as a Form of Corporate Collaboration

managing_up management collaboration teamworkReluctance to manage up surprises me each time I encounter it.  When done with respect and motivated by honest intentions, managing up is a positive form of corporate collaboration – the absence of which stifles growth.

Critical to success in managing up are these underlying themes:

  • It is done as a means of moving the business forward
  • It is always carried out with respect for individuals and the organization
  • It is done in the spirit of two-way communication rather than as an indictment
  • Before citing fear as the reason for holding back, we need to examine whether this perceived fear is actually lack of courage on our part

Managing up doesn’t mean seeking to have your way; it means you are sharing information that might not otherwise be known and shows that you trust the more senior group to evaluate your information in the larger context of the organization.


3 Replies to “Managing Up as a Form of Corporate Collaboration”

  1. This is article has a very good point. But how can you apply it if the person above you is insecure, insincere, unsophisticated and likes taking credit for other people’s work?


    1. Hi Chris,

      That sounds like a very difficult situation. If it’s any consolation, people with those negative characteristics are pretty easy to spot and eventually are either forced to rethink their strategies or are removed.

      My best advice is to remain determined to deliver on corporate objectives. Results always trump seniority.

      Hope that helps.


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