If You Want Something Done Ask a Busy Person

Ever notice the people with the least discretionary time on their hands are the ones most likely to achieve stretch goals?

I work with a phenomenal group of people.  It never ceases to amaze me how my colleagues get things done.  We seem to share the ability to execute within chaos – even when it means making it happen with limited resources or insufficient time.

In case any of my productive friends are reading this, here are some sites you might like (because I know you never really feel productive enough).

Merlin Mann’s website called 43 Folders – it’s all about productivity

David Allen, productivity guru extraordinaire and GTD creator

2 Replies to “If You Want Something Done Ask a Busy Person”

  1. I love it when people brag about how busy they are! It makes them feel important and successful. However, more important than getting things done is doing them correctly with a positive result or outcome. Otherwise, you still have done NOTHING!!!


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