What I Learned From a Month Without Twitter

Here’s the bottom line:   Learning recharges my batteries and I get some of my best learning opportunities from the great people I follow on Twitter.   I really felt the absence.

I didn’t go cold turkey on purpose.  It was not an experiment to see if I could do without Twitter.  I just got really preoccupied with an extremely demanding professional schedule.

So I’m back on Twitter and here’s what I picked up this morning…

willmancini: Clarity 101: Successful leadership requires more clarity work not less. http://bit.ly/5a5s35

HBR.org: Dos and Don’ts for Managing Your Smartest People http://bit.ly/61hOA7

Seth’s Blog: The difference between hiring and recruiting http://bit.ly/7lN6Hs

The405Club: Mapping Out a Career Strategy: The War of the Jobs and What the Brave New World of Work Commands. http://bit.ly/6DETYO

You can find me on Twitter here:


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