Considering Relocating For a Job? Networking and Growth Opportunities Await You!

Moving to take advantage of career opportunities has been an excellent experience and one that I highly recommend if your personal circumstances permit.  Working in new environments not only helps to round out  practical experience, it exposes one to new ways of doing things and helps build resilience and adaptability. 

An advantage that I seldom hear mentioned is the positive impact to one’s professional network.  Upon arrival in the new city you have an automatic kinship with other “transplants”.  This can step up your networking to include higher ranking business people as corporate relocation is more common among senior professionals.  And there’s often a way for contacts in your previous community to connect you with people they know in your new community.  Just don’t forget to ask!

I have a friend who seems to have lived all over the world.  I met her when she and her family relocated to Canada.  Here’s her blog about the family’s most recent move – to Qatar!  I’m sure you’ll enjoy her wit — she reminds me of author Erma Bombeck.  I especially appreciate her open respect for other cultures.  If you’re considering an international move without corporate sponsorship there are several things to consider – primary among them, the legal requirements to work in the new country.  Every country differs.  Fortunately the internet abounds with research sites.   Once you have selected your destination and are ready to start packing, you might enjoy this blog post that points out the most common avoidable mistakes. 

At this point I’ve moved literally from one coast to the other with a 4-year stop in the middle.  I highly recommend it as a way of rounding out business experience, broadening perspective and meeting lots of new people. 


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