Patience is highly overrated IMHO

In my book patience is not a virtue and good things don’t come to those who wait. You can quote me.

Keeping next steps lined up for my projects and areas of responsibility helps ensure everything is moving forward (thank you David Allen and GTD). I may not always be able to control the timing but I can sure as heck guard against stalled projects.

Try this out for yourself. Take a look at your to do list. How many items on your list are doable action items? Most to do lists are actually made up of projects. You can’t do a project you can only do a next step.

So here’s to impatience and improved speed of execution.


One Reply to “Patience is highly overrated IMHO”

  1. I think there’s also a balance between what’s in your control that you can put on a to do list, and what is out of your control that has to fit in somewhere, based one someone else’s schedule. My experience with navigating the health care system with my husband’s illness I have done a fabulous job of tracking/listing/booking/ensuring next steps are lined up, like symbolic ducks in a row – the activity actually becomes a distraction from the waiting for results, next appointment, disappointing news, and playing the ‘let’s figure out what the doctors will say this time’. But there are still times of waiting that have just become part of our project of getting a diagnosis – so we’ve actually mentally had to build in that waiting time (kinda like letting the paint dry before the next coat – not the most exciting for those of us impatient to get to the end result, but necessary) and the waiting time is definitely harder than the tasks on the list.


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