Cyber glue for the human race

Have you noticed how social media can draw people together? I have a friend who is chronicling her family’s journey through the healthcare system by blogging. I love it. I actually look forward to her posts (um… Deb, it’s time for another, please).

I have a cousin who is fighting for her life in a Florida hospital — and it’s mainly through Facebook posts that we’re staying informed and offering support and prayers.

Three years ago when we nearly lost our dad to a nasty strain of e-coli it was the family blog on CaringBridge that drew us together and helped many of us reconnect after years of silence.

I’m naming this phenomenon “cyber glue”. It’s something social media does well — keeping people informed and helping them draw together. It even facilitates asking for support. Got any relationships that could use a little glue?


Comments are always welcome.

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