2010 Vancouver winter olympics opening ceremony

Vancouver, you sure know how to do it up in a big way.

The opening ceremony for the 2010 Winter Olympics was truly amazing. The height for me was k.d. Lang’s soulful rendition of Cohen’s Hallelujah. It was so good, I think the song should be put into retirement like the jersey of a well-loved hockey player. Hang it up — no one will ever match that performance!

I was surprised at how much it meant to me that I recognized the buildings and the streets that Gretzky passed on his way to light the cauldron. My husband had no choice but to listen as I recounted which buildings housed clients and which ones I had not yet entered to meet potential new clients — and I was absolutely obnoxious when the Great One actually rode right in front of our Vancouver branch. I think my fingerprints are still on the television screen.

CC will tease me for saying this but it was awesome!

Thank you, Allen Ko Photography — photo uploaded from Flickr

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