Emotional contagion

I read this article a week ago and then found myself drawn to it a second time.  In it, the author posits that it is possible to “catch” moods from others.  It’s a great read – it will only take you five minutes – but it may change the way you greet those you care about the next time you enter your home or office.

It was a recent episode of Dog Whisperer that made me go back and read it a second time.  Before allowing a new dog to enter his compound Cesar watches how the dog pack reacts to the new dog’s energy.  He does this because experience tells him that allowing entrance to an aggressor changes the group dynamic and can create unfortunate results.

I can’t help but make a correlation to the workplace (no disrespect to humans intended).  Unless we work from home and have no human interaction whatsoever, each of us is impacting others simply by virtue of our presence.  What a great opportunity to assess our spoken and unspoken messaging to become more intentional in our relationships.

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