Social Networking Helps The Unemployed

We all know that looking for work can be stressful.  Mortgage due dates, vehicle payments and the cost of just plain old living can take first place in our minds.   It’s important to realize that we also have social needs during this time.  Unemployment can be a lonely, isolating event – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

LinkedIn is a network of millions of people who want to connect, expand their reach, and hone socializing skills.  There are dozens of groups and pages dedicated to job seekers.  There are also groups that connect online and then book face-to-face networking events.

Use your contacts on Facebook to stay current with what’s happening.

Join Twitter!  It is one of the best reference sites on the web.  Play around with the search function to find others with similar interests or to get job search tips.

Make sure you get outside each day to enjoy some sun and interact with other people.  This will help keep your spirits up and your interpersonal skills sharp.



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