Paradigm Shift: Recognizing Gifts

Updated July 3, 2011

We know that reframing a situation can create a power shift.  Substituting the word “challenge” for “problem” immediately increases the energy available and lifts us from victim mentality to agent awareness.  Is it possible to take it further — can we transform business challenges into gifts?

In the spring of 2010 I read an extraordinary post.  TonyB, cofounder of BlogCatalog, shared the impact of simultaneously losing a major revenue stream and receiving resignations from key team members.  Talk about having a bad week!

The thing is, it made him determined to see this as an energizing gift instead of a depleting disaster.  That is a masterful paradigm shift.

Here is a link to an interview with Tony Berkman one year later.

I have to thank Timethief for her post on the topic.  She has a knack for finding the most relevant material for her readers.


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