The Power of Uncertainty

“Everything you or I want lies outside our comfort zones. Meaning, the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty that you can handle. ” – Tony Robbins

Do just one thing out of the ordinary today.  Take an alternate route to the store, part your hair on the other side, say no to someone.  We can’t get different results unless we’re willing to shake things up a little.


4 Replies to “The Power of Uncertainty”

  1. I suppose with uncertainty comes choice – one can choose to shut down, refuse to accept what’s happening and stay stuck in that place – that would be about being uncomfortable with uncertainty. What I think you’re saying is, embrace the uncertainty, after all none of us have absolute certainty, we just think we do when life is moving along the way it should – but when curve balls are coming at us, we can choose how to respond, and ideally it’s with anticipation, curiousity, and the desire to create something new, meaningful and possibly even surprising out of the uncertainty.
    I’ve been carrying this quote with me for a few days just wondering what it really meant – which in itself creates uncertainty because my tendency, per my first e’mail, is to go to the source, get clarity so I really understand what he meant with this. This has allowed for some customized interpretation that helps me deal with, perhaps even accept (?) the grandness of our uncertainty right now. Thanks so much for sharing


  2. Hi Deb, I don’t have the original text that this came from but I think I have an idea of how this can be helpful. I take it to mean that if we expend all our energy fighting what’s happening and saying “no” instead of facing the new reality and getting curious, we will lose an opportunity to figure out what we need next. Uncertainty leading to a better quality of life could be illustrated by wanting to reach out to a professional but feeling shy and unqualified yet doing it anyway. : )


  3. Susan, that’s an interesting quote – does he explain more about what he means? I feel like Ty and I are living and breathing uncertainty with his health issue and I’m trying to ‘get it’ – I would agree with his statement around meaning, but quality of life? It’s definitely worth pondering…


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