Busyness or business?

A good friend recently asked “What are you doing to stretch yourself these days?” My immediate reaction was to think of the many evenings and weekends spent in the office to stay ahead of things while managing a large project. But that’s not stretching into the future to create growth. That’s just barely keeping up.

Really truly taking care of business is knowing what our goals are and aligning daily activities to those goals.  It takes a tremendous amount of willpower to go against the grain of busyness and get down to what matters.   We might be great at telling colleagues we don’t have time to chat but may falter when it comes to controlling our own time wasting habits.

Try writing out the 3 most important things to get done this week.  Not things that other people are clamoring for… these should be small next steps that will bring you closer to the achievement of your most important goals.  Throughout the day ask yourself if what you’re doing right now is pulling you toward your goal or keeping you from attaining it.

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