Great Teams Slay the Goodenuff Monster

The Goodenuff Monster
The Goodenuff Monster

They say a problem named is a problem half solved.  I’ve not only named this one, I’ve given it a face.  Meet the Goodenuff Monster.

Who Or What Is The Goodenuff Monster?

The Goodenuff Monster is a faulty thought process that justifies second-rate performance.  Often, he presents himself when we’re trying do things ourselves that would benefit from teamwork.

Although easy to spot, he makes himself appear harmless by appealing to our sense of humanity — “Come on, don’t be so hard on yourself.  It’s goodenuff.”

How To Slay The Goodenuff Monster

Unless you are a neurosurgeon it’s not reasonable or feasible to try to do everything perfectly.  This is where the beauty of teams comes to the rescue.  In a high functioning team each person or group owns a specific piece of the puzzle.  This allows members or divisions to focus entirely on their core competencies and responsibilities.

To be an effective team member is to hold ourselves accountable to each other and to speak up when we see an element that is out of sync.  So if a colleague or team member points out something in need of improvement, accept it gratefully and know you’re doing your part to slay the Goodenuff Monster.


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