Aligned Communications

Do you remember the days before email?  Somehow we were able to get our jobs done without 60 – 100 daily communications.  Today we live in an email society. If you think you don’t send out any more email messages than necessary, chances are good that someone out there does not agree with you.  It’s gotten too easy to type a quick note and hit “send”.  We write them at our desks, in our cars, and even during meetings.

Sometimes using our tools more fully is the simplest way to cut down on excess messaging.  You’ll find some tips on reducing email messages while boosting the productivity of teams here.

The least we can do to help our teams and companies stay productive is make sure our communications are truly relevant to the objectives we’ll measure them against at the end of the year.  Before you send out that next message, pass it through this filter:

  • Does the recipient need this information right now or am I sending this out for my convenience?
  • Do I have a one-on-one or department meeting booked with this person?  If so, can this material wait until then?
  • How will this message help the recipient do their job better?

Managers focus on sending out information quickly and efficiently
their goal is to get it off their plate.

Leaders assess message content to determine the best time and vehicle for delivery
their goal is to amplify the results of the team.

If this material gave you good food for thought, you might also enjoy this post entitled “Return on Communication: The new ROI


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