Time to recharge the batteries

Vacation.  What a lovely word.  Although it’s difficult to slow down and forget about ongoing projects and stretch goals this is how we recharge our batteries and set ourselves up for further success.

In my last post I shared a mountain hiking experience that I’ll never forget (which I just updated to show the gondola ride down the mountain after my readers pointed out that I kind of left you all hanging).  I did that on day one of my summer vacation to put a physical spin on my time off.

Yesterday I enjoyed these local treats:

Kayaking on Deer Lake 2010
Hiking the Deer Lake trail

Hard to believe this is just 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver!

Visitors often seek provincial or state parks leaving the municipal parks to the locals.  Here are some urban gems you might want to check out:

  • Regina, SK – Wascana Centre
  • Phoenix, AZ – South Mountain Park
  • Houston, TX – Cullen Park
  • Philadelphia, PA – Fairmount Park
  • Jacksonville, FL – Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve
  • Virginia Beach, VA – Stumpy Lake Park
  • Vancouver, BC – Stanley Park

Comments are always welcome.

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