Canadian economy rebounding faster than U.S.

Consumer confidence is bolstering Canada’s recovery at a rate faster than was seen following the recessions of the 80’s and 90’s.  Derek Burleton of Toronto-Dominion Bank and Michael Gregory of BMO Capital Markets shared their sentiments in an interview with the Financial Post last week.

“Canada’s economy is on track for solid GDP growth of 3.6 per cent in 2010”  said Paul Ferley, Assistant Chief Economist in the RBC Special Report issued July 2, 2010

Canada created 93,000 new jobs in June.  A dark cloud of doubt surrounding last month’s job creation stems from the estimated 60,000 short-term jobs related directly to the G20 which took place in Ontario.  Next month’s numbers should be very telling as manufacturing experienced a slight dip in June and G20 employment will have ended.  See the full labour report from Stats Canada here.

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