Looking for work? Know what your telephone first impression is

A young couple using mobile phones outsideWhen you’re looking for work, connecting with people is one of the highest value activities you can invest in.  And since many of us are walking around with mobile phones, connecting has never been easier.

Watch out, though.  Calling a prospective employer from your mobile phone is not without risk.  Phone calls are part of the first impression.  Calling from an area with poor reception or from a high noise area can be seen as unprofessional.  Employers want to know that you take the opportunity seriously enough to have selected an appropriate place from which to engage them.


Photo: Morguefile.com


2 Replies to “Looking for work? Know what your telephone first impression is”

  1. This is absolutely fantastic advice! I have heard more than my fair share of career advice but this is one bit of advice I have actually never heard before. Definitely something to keep in mind for the future! Thanks for sharing this Susan! 🙂


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