Considering a Career in the Staffing Industry?

It’s 4:00 p.m. on a sunny Friday afternoon in August.  It’s been a great week and you’re proud of what you and your team have done for clients.  Things are in order.  That’s when the phone rings and you find yourself listening to a high-strung voice at the other end of the line telling you they need 8 people for a last minute production shift due to start at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday.  This client is counting on you to get the right talent in place so that he can achieve his objectives.  What do you do?

Or try this one on for size.  During a regularly scheduled service review you learn that your client is working on a new marketing campaign.  She is asking you to source 30 customer service representatives with superior communication skills to man the phones for six months.  You have two weeks to complete the project and help this client drive a winning campaign.  What do you do?

Or this…  Your office has 11 data entry operators working on temporary assignments at a client site in the city.  Their work is nearly complete and they are counting on you to find them further work so there is no interruption in pay.  You have no assignments lined up for them yet.  What do you do?

Would you…

a) Rally the team, gather ideas and move into execution mode

b) Explain the limitations of your office and say you’ll try your best

c) Create a project plan and assign accountabilities

If you picked “c” – that could work provided you have great depth in the industry and your people trust you.

If you picked “b” – that’s a very honest response and if you really feel that it’s okay to try, the staffing industry is probably not the right place for you at this time.  Once we commit to a client we simply have to make it happen.

The ideal response is “a”.  Successful staffing offices are dynamic, loud, fast-moving and collaborative.  No one succeeds on their own.  It’s a team approach toward taking on big challenges and producing solutions that helps clients win.

Readers who find this compelling are welcome to contact me for an informational interview about working in the staffing industry.  You can either post a comment below, or connect with me on one of my social media accounts.


2 Replies to “Considering a Career in the Staffing Industry?”

    1. Hi Shang,

      Recruiters are essential in every field, including the one you’re studying. A good way to check out the opportunities where you are is to ask local professionals to name a few recruiters that they trust – – then meet with those recruiters to learn about their career paths.

      Thank you for reading the post – – hope to see you here again.


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