Who’s Listening to Your Customers?

The single biggest business advantage of social marketing is the ability to gather and learn from unsolicited comments about your services or products.  Whether you call them customers, clients, patients, prospects, contracts, whatever…  They’re talking.  They’re talking on Twitter.  They’re talking on Facebook.  They’re talking – and making recommendations – on LinkedIn.  Are you listening?

Social media is for kids – isn’t it?

Guess again.

  • The fastest growing demographic in social networking is the over 50 crowd. You may be astounded by the growth figures quoted in this Fast Company article.
  • 30% of CEOs have a Facebook page. According to Forbes most CEOs are cut off from their constituency.  Social media can give them just the vehicle they need to plug in.
  • Peter Aceto, ING Direct Canada’s CEO was asked for his thoughts on social media: “This space is all about immediacy. The level of interaction from our clients has surprised and delighted us and it’s kept us actively engaged in the conversation as its coming fast.”  Read the full interview here.

If that’s not enough for you, how about this…

Your competitors are listening to your customers.



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