Thrive on your drive

Studies show the most successful people are self motivated.  For the purposes of this article let’s define self-motivated as driven, focused and ready to work hard toward the achievement of a goal.

When I was little I was fascinated by old movies from the 1930’s where the mad scientist worked and slaved in his laboratory for days on end until – finally – he would find the solution (or the cure, or the secret formula).  I knew they were fictional stories but those scenarios appealed to me and I can see their influence in my work ethic today.  Perhaps no one person was more influential in my career than Marie Curie, a French scientist living and working in a time where women were not supposed to be educated, nevermind extremely driven and accomplished inventors.  Madame Curie earned a degree in physics in 1893 and another in mathematics the following year.  She went on to win two Nobel prizes in science before her death in 1934.

For an interesting read on motivation and success, click over to Science Daily to read “Will we succeed? The science of self motivation.”

Are you motivated? You can take the motivation test to assess your own level.


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