What’s so great about you?

Have you ever made a strengths list?  Probably not.  Most of us can rattle off the top 5 things we admire about coworkers, family members and mentors but we falter when it comes to naming our own abilities.  Whether it’s personal humility or low self-esteem, it’s in our best interest to get over it.  Why?  Understanding your strengths is a big part of being self aware.  It’s the basis of your personal brand.  Most importantly of all, a strengths list is a tool that can help you power through difficult days.

Watch this 2-minute video and make your list.


4 Replies to “What’s so great about you?”

  1. I’m not so sure about my strengths but I do know my main weakness. That weakness is lack of focus. I tend to lose focus on what’s important specially when something interesting comes up. Without me knowing, I would be working on the less important but interesting thing than the more important but less interesting thing. It will be like that until the one I should be working on is left unfinished. 😦


  2. Very good start on Monday A.M. This is the best suggestion I have seen for finding the positive side that denotes action. This is what I took from the video. Lately I have been remiss on the action side and had slid over to the “have to do” and let it go at that point. Time to stand up and make that list and GO with it. Great Post Sue.


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