My Twitter experiment

Have you noticed how experts can distill a complex idea into a short, succinct description we can all understand?  Someone who really owns their topic can deconstruct it into its simplest elements and put it back together in a way that is relevant to the immediate audience.

That’s my attraction to Twitter.  I consider it a leadership development tool in that it forces me to pick just one main point and get to it quickly.  Last week I decided to try speaking in this way — I call it Twitterish.

All great lessons contain surprises and this was no exception.  What I learned is that I need to listen more.  Attempting to repackage my rambling thoughts into fewer words created unnatural pauses.  I found the other person often took that as a sign that I needed more information, and sometimes that additional information took the conversation in a totally different direction — into something more useful to my conversation partner.

So I’ve learned that less is better and sometimes remaining silent helps the real conversation show up.


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