Discipline: The One Quality You Can’t Succeed Without

Instant gratification. 

Play before you pay. 

Wanting everything and wanting it now.

These are the anthems of North Americans in the twenty-first century.  It has led to a generation of impatient workers and a per capita debt load never before seen.  I think there is another price that is not often discussed: the lack of commitment to stretch goals.

Most of us plan our weeks in advance – inserting meetings and project work carefully.  But how many of us stick to our schedule?  It’s so easy to let appointments with one’s self slide when more interesting or more urgent work beckons.  That’s how stretch goals begin to fade into the distance.

Stick to your calendar this week.  Ask yourself on Friday if you moved closer toward the achievement of what is most important.


3 Replies to “Discipline: The One Quality You Can’t Succeed Without”

  1. For me, I’m usually most successful when I block off my outlook calendar, set an alarm, and commit to these type of activities. I really find the alarm helpful because I have it synced with my phone and when it goes off, it’s that nice reminder/catch to stop and assess my priorities. Syncing my outlook calendar to my phone has been a lifesaver! Hope that helps! Cheers!


  2. Completely agree! It’s so difficult, but having the discipline to stop and review what you’ve accomplished or missed and how they tie into your vision/goals is so important! So easy to be led off track in our high demanding business environments. I appreciate this! Cheers!


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