His Other Voice

There’s nothing like the loss of a family member to get one thinking about life and personal authenticity.  I was in that frame of mind when I became conscious of a change in timber from the television droning in the background.  Robert Osborne and his guest were seated in a theatre introducing a classic movie.  The guest was speaking through a voice synthesizer.  Not in the Stephen Hawking type of electronic voice – it was actually quite pleasant – yet noticeably not human.  It was Roger Ebert, the man who popularized the thumbs up-thumbs down voting program with then co-host Gene Siskel.  Roger’s appearance had changed since the last time I saw him on television but the words were clearly his.  After listening to his insightful introduction to a Barbara Stanwyck film I looked him up on the web to see what had happened to him.

I found the most beautifully written article about him in Esquire.  He has survived multiple surgeries, radiation, cancer resurgences, a near fatal vascular accident, cannot eat or speak and yet he says he is happy.  He’s writing.  His topic is no longer movies, he writes of life.  “You are the readers I have dreamed of” he writes.  He talks about what is important.  He reveals himself.  He is no longer able to speak in the traditional sense but he has fully found his voice.  His other voice.

For meaningful weight loss I recommend surgery and a liquid diet.

Treat yourself by reading the Esquire story.  It is inspirational and provides perspective.  And then read Roger Ebert’s reaction to the story.  It completes the picture nicely.


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