3 Ways to Build Talent Bandwidth

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What have you done recently to stretch the capabilities of your team?  Piling on more work doesn’t count.  I’m talking about challenging people to think and achieve in new and different ways. 

Trying out new operating methods can inject energy and enthusiasm – especially if the team feels that they have a say in how things get done.  This is where talented leaders differentiate themselves from mundane management.

Teaching, coaching and mentoring are key leadership activities.

Sit with your team daily to experience their work style.  How can you help them get better at what they’re doing?  Can you form a cross-functional team to discuss crazy ways to bust roadblocks?  Promoting healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo pulls us toward new goals.

Take action.  Take chances.

The old mantra of “hire great people and let them do their thing” is insufficient in today’s swiftly changing business world.  Use your experience to help the younger team members understand the ways in which your business needs to flex and change.  Don’t rely on yourself to come up with all the solutions.  Encourage your people to think on their feet and try new things.

What made you successful in the past could kill you today.

Ten years ago we relied on managers to keep things humming along.  Today we need leaders to predict what’s coming next and get their teams ready.  Ask yourself – honestly — how skilled are you at injecting creativity and promoting growth within your team?  If you don’t like your answer start changing things up today.  It’s never too late.

2 Replies to “3 Ways to Build Talent Bandwidth”

  1. Concept of presenting problems “out of the box” and then listening to ideas that at first may be strange and then play with them. This is so stimulating if you can put the idea in your staff meeting and work it.


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