3 Tips for Getting Unstuck

1.  Doodle your way to better thinking

Listen to the podcast below – it will give you a new perspective on how the mind works and ways to exploit the brain-hand connection.

  • Podcast: NPR interviewed author Lynda Barry on why drawing has the power to release our creativity and mind power
  • How to Doodle (instructions in case you’ve forgotten how)
  • What your doodles mean (for the analyticals among us)

2.  Mind maps

This is my favorite.  If you were to look at what’s on my laptop right now you’d see several mind maps in progress.  If you’re a visual thinker/learner you will probably be drawn to this.

3.  Start a journal

  • Writing can be empowering – Journaling for mental health
  • Learn the creative journal method with Lucia Capacchione (click on the video below)

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