Is corporate loyalty dead?

Robert Galvin of Motorola
Robert Galvin of Motorola - Image by Esthr via Flickr

“There will always be people who value the loyalty of their organization, and such people will always outperform those who do not.”  Robert Galvin

Smart employers realize the value in going the extra mile for their employees.  And great employees demonstrate loyalty to their organization — I think these are the people and situations Robert Galvin is referring to in the quote above.

Does this mean that only disloyal workers and corporations separate?  No.  Business needs and personal needs change over time.  Leaving or separating doesn’t necessarily mean disloyalty.  It all comes down to leading a principled life and staying true to purpose – both during and after the engagement.


Many today find they must cobble together several part-time assignments to make up for the loss of a fulltime job (see my post Gigonomics – Wordsmithing the new economy).  This has created a generation of workers prepared to take responsibility for their careers.  They know they can’t rely on a single employer to take them through the entire life cycle of their career.  They also know they must continually upgrade their skills to stay ahead of the game.  These same employees look at corporations with a more critical eye and will be less apt to stay if undesirable working conditions persist.  Employers need to be aware of this and create an intentional employment brand in order to attract and retain valuable talent.

Loyalty isn’t dead — it’s evolving.


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