The art of creative postponement

Creative postponement.  Such a soft and fluffy euphemism for the evil word procrastination.  I can think of many addictions that are less harmful than this one.  And yes, procrastination can be an addiction. 

Here’s a quote from Procrastinators Anonymous:

“Procrastinators do not have a problem with time management. They have a problem with compulsive avoidance.

If you give a procrastinator a new time management tool, he will just play with the new time management tool as a way to procrastinate. The problem is not a lack of time management skills – or not mainly a lack of time management skills. Procrastination is a form of addictive escapism that must be dealt with directly or there will be no recovery.”

Steps to recovery

1. Learn to recognize when you are putting off doing valuable work. 

2. Set daily goals.  Robin Sharma recommends starting each day by identifying the 5 things you could do today to make it an awesome day.

3. Use your calendar.  Set limits on your time.  Even the most onerous task will have an ending time — that should help you get started.

4.  Don’t beat yourself up about it.  Just move forward.  Keep thinking about how great it will feel to get on top of your work.


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