Recognizing Boredom


Missed deadlines.

Missed time.

These are all classic symptoms of boredom.  Actually one could make an argument that they speak to employee engagement but for today let’s consider boredom.  Here is Wikipedia’s definition:

Boredom is an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in their surroundings.

(If the psychological aspects of boredom interest you, you may want to read more here.)

Change the environment.

When was the last time you shook things up at work to provoke thought and provide variety?  Little things – like holding a meeting in a coffee shop – can stimulate creative thought and help pull a team out of the doldrums.  Changing the seating arrangement in the office may not be practical – so what about creating temporary work spaces where people can go to think through problems and come up with solutions?

Look around you.  Someone is bored.  Don’t let it become a terminal condition.


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