Be curious. Be bold. Blaze a clear and compelling trail.

We are the product of our own self talk.

Each year I say I will not make New Year’s resolutions yet when January 1 rolls around I find I cannot resist.  There’s nothing like a new calendar to start one thinking about fresh approaches.

This year I decided to come up with a motto that would support my goals and align with my values.  Here’s what I came up with for 2011:

Be curious. Be bold.

Blaze a clear and compelling trail.

Ok, so maybe that sounds hokey but I’m going with it. It resonates for me. Care to share yours? What words or pictures do you find motivating for 2011?


Rise Early, Work Hard, Strike Oil

Never underestimate the power of hard work, preparation and plain old good luck. 

J.Paul Getty, the oil magnate, coined the words in the title of this post. The first time I read this quote a smirk flashed across my face.  I wondered if Mr. Getty was having a joke on us. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. There’s a little bit of luck involved in success. Yes, rising early and working hard are required. That’s the price of admission.

Really knowing what you value and where you want to go is the key to recognizing and grabbing those lucky strikes.

Make some time today to clearly identify your goals.  A little forethought will help you recognize the synchronistic opportunities that await.

I want that paperless office you promised me

I’m old enough to remember the birth of the word processor.  They were huge, clunky machines that required the operator to be joined at the hip to an 800-page user’s manual.  Some of us took our manuals home to read the dry instructions on weekends.  We were the early geeks.  The attraction?  These new machines made it possible — for the first time — to change a line of text on page 3 without having to retype the entire document.  For that we loved our behemoths.  But most of all it was the promise of the paperless office that kept us reading our word processing textbooks late into the night.  click here for more

Job Searching over the Holidays

From a recruitment perspective, December and August are the two most difficult months of the year.  Candidates are more likely to put off job searching at these times so as to gain those last weeks of summer pleasure or to use the time to visit friends and family over the winter holidays.  If you are looking for a new opportunity in either August or December, reach out to recruiters.  It’s so difficult to find people at home this time of year, they will be very happy to hear from you.

Also, the week between Christmas and New Years is one of the best times to reach out to business people you haven’t yet met.  There is a festive mood in the air and generally people are more relaxed — unless you are seeking a job in the retail sector!  I don’t recommend leaving a voicemail.  Keep dialing until you get someone live.

Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting!