Stop Thinking About Blogging. Just Do It

People often tell me they wish they could have a blog of their own.  I tell them to go for it and then sit back and wait for the litany of excuses they’ll cite for holding back.  Among the most common are:

  • Too many will visit the site – I’ll lose my privacy
  • No one will visit my site – I’ll be a failure
  • Poor spelling – I’ll look stupid
  • Corporate restrictions – I’ll lose my job

If you’re considering blogging, here’s my advice.  Just do it.
Yes, there are risks.  You will make mistakes.  You may not be able to attract and retain the readership you desire.  You may find out that it’s really hard to keep coming up with original content.  But you’ll never know how well you can do it unless you just do it.

There are some precautions you should take before starting.  If privacy is a concern you may be interested to know that WordPress offers customized blog visibility settings here.  Remember though, there are numerous ways to hack any Internet site so always err on the side of caution if your material is sensitive.  Nothing on the Internet is truly private.  Ever. If your writing could harm another individual or is intensely personal and not meant to be widely shared, blogging is not your best vehicle.

If you are contemplating a blog that overlaps with your professional life, ask your organization for a copy of their social media policy.  It should contain helpful guidance.  Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t exist.  Many companies have not yet grappled with this topic.  In that case you may choose to publish a disclaimer stating that views on your site are strictly personal and not endorsed by your employer.  If you do make that statement, make sure you stick to your own opinions and don’t bring those of your employer into the blog.


One Reply to “Stop Thinking About Blogging. Just Do It”

  1. Love your blog. I have to check with my company Exec to see if he approves of my social endeavor. If he does I would love to have a blog. What is the difference between a blog and a rant. Is it all just about raves? I have not read enough blogs to know how to start. I know that yours are very professionally orientated but that falls flat for me. I have no business other than cooking for the Cookie Monster. BTW does anyone know what I can put in oatmeal cookies for a diabetic beside chocolate bits or butterscotch bits, it needs something besides Oatmeal and butter.


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