Social Networking Rehumanizes Corporations

Boomers and Zoomers make up the fastest growing social networkers on the web.  Why is this important to know? We grew up with Ralph Nader and developed an insatiable appetite for cynicism and exposing contradictions.  The web community is open to – and some say searching for – opportunities to catch companies acting in ways incongruent to their branding message.  No matter the motive, this is a very large, vocal group.  Social media provides power and immediacy.

Social media has the power to bring transparency to the table

Commercial relationships are now being fueled by conversations — not advertising.  There is nowhere to hide from the reaches of the Internet and social media. And there is no way to control the conversation.   The smartest corporations are leveraging these interactive opportunities into new relationships. For a real life example read Forging Relationships: How CME Group Uses Social Media.

Authenticity is an expectation

The public, more than anything else, expects a corporation to be real.  I recommend this article from Sustainable Life Media – The ABCs of Social Media: Authenticity, Boldness and Credibility.


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