Zooming for Effective Leaders

Everyone knows leaders must have vision. That’s an important element of leadership but it’s not the whole story. In my estimation a true leader keeps everyone focused on the destination and maintains constant vigilance over stuff that gets in the way. 

Today’s leaders must possess the ability to zoom in and zoom out.  Zooming means you keep the big picture front and center AND you are always ready to go deep to blast away bottlenecks and sustain forward motion. It’s focus management at its best.

I think part of the problem is that it’s not sexy to wallow through the muck of a gnarly problem.  It’s messy and it can be frustrating.  Some call that management hell – I call it being midway to a solution.  But if you have a productivity bottleneck or a barrier to success this is exactly where you should be.  There’s a pot of gold at the end for those who stick around long enough to formulate solutions.

I hope you enjoy this latest leadership video from HBR.


3 Replies to “Zooming for Effective Leaders”

  1. Great video Sue, I liked the information and saw lots of improvement to construct a more efficient personal “brand”.
    I just would hope to balance it so that there are not any dangles left along the path from close in to zoom out. I have to remember how to Focus on the end result without dropping the ball. Background sometime is the detail.


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