Flexing from Leader to Manager and Back Again

I love this excerpt from the Op-Ed blog at Posterous*:

Management is just the science of execution.
But leadership provides vision.

So true.

I’ve had many *discussions* with people on whether leadership and management are one and the same or two different skill sets.  According to me they are distinct and easily identifiable.  Those with leadership skills are able to articulate their vision for a better future; they are dissatisfied with the status quo and lay out a clear and compelling path to a new future.  The manager ensures execution of the steps required to transform the vision into reality.  Both skill sets are crucial for business health.

Can one person do both?

I know quite a few who excel at both leadership and management but it is more common to find individuals with strengths in one area over the other.  The trick is to know yourself.  Look through the table below and see where your style fits.  Are there elements you would like to change? The good news is it’s never too late.

Reprinted with permission from ChangingMinds.org

Further reading
You’re welcome to dig in further at Leader vs Manager — The Debate Continues.  I also recommend “Leadership vs Management” from which I sourced the above table. Read it here.


*The Posterous blogging platform is no longer online.


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