Stumbling With Grace

WARNING: Believing in one’s self enough to take chances and try new methods may result in embarrassment. 

There’s nothing like a good mistake to reveal strength of character and moral turpitude.  I like to ask job candidates to describe their last mistake.  It’s not that I’m seeking gory details or negative job histories.  In fact, I don’t even care what kind of mistake it was.  I want to hear about the way they discovered their error, how they dealt with it and how it affected future work.  The way we handle ourselves – and the way we describe the events – says a lot about us.  John Warrillow talks about this in his article entitled: The One Question You Need To Weed Out Rotten Apples

Stumbling with grace means we dust ourselves off, figure out what we’ll do differently next time, and get right back at it again.  As I write this I still have a slightly bruised chin (figuratively speaking) from my last fall. 

Success isn’t measured by a lack of errors.  It’s all about recovering quickly, learning from the mistake and plunging right in again.

For more on this topic see Embracing Imperfection.


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