Get Outrageous

Not satisfied with your current situation? Forget about incremental improvement.  Dump all thoughts of patience.  Throw away any inclination toward slow and steady improvement.  If something is not working, start by identifying the strengths within your organization.  Declare what needs to change and create a vivid picture to represent the best possible state.  Then create an outrageous plan to achieve it.  Quickly.

Engage your trusted colleagues and write yourself a new future or draw a word picture.  Whatever.  Just get to it.

And get ready for heavy-duty pressure.  If you’ve taken sufficient time to identify organizational strengths – and have involved your people in the redesign process – this can be a gratifying exercise for your team or company.

I’ve embedded a video link on ways that top CEO’s deal with constant stress.  Listen as Justin Menkes outlines 3 critical qualities to help leaders keep moving forward:

  • Realistic optimism
  • Subservience to purpose
  • Finding order in chaos


2 Replies to “Get Outrageous”

  1. Thanks for posting this clip. It was excellent and I think I may go out and get his book. Sometimes I think that what is lacking in much of the personal development stuff out there is an acceptance that we live stressful lives, and need ways to master it, rather than rid ourselves of it. Great site!


    1. Great point, Kieran. Your thought reminds me of the Stockdale paradox from “Good to Great”. Paraphrased as: balance the optimistic belief that you will prevail with an honest look at harsh realities. I think Collins called it looking for the squigglies that hide under rocks.

      Thank you for stopping by and especially for leaving a comment.


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