Looking For a Better Job?

It’s an old and tired cliché – but it’s true.  Life is too short to spend time in a job you don’t love.

If you don’t wake up excited every morning, looking forward to what’s in store that day, it may be time to examine the suitability of your current job.

What’s stopping you from looking around?

  • Online career searches are quick and easy
  • If you want more information on a job family try joining a related group on LinkedIn.  Engaging in conversations with people in a given field is a great way to learn more.
  • Looking around doesn’t cost anything.  It shouldn’t, anyway.  In Canada it is illegal for any recruiter to charge a fee to job applicants.

Make Sure You Know What You Want

Before engaging with a firm or a recruiter, take some time to think about what you do really well.  Think also about what you don’t do well.  Imagine your ideal job.  The last time you lost yourself in your work, what exactly were you doing?  That could be your best first clue to a better position.


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