Painting with Words

Why do you blog?

There are as many different answers to this question as there are bloggers.  And by the way, the latest estimate of the number of public blogs is 156 million.

The blog you are reading is not my first.  About five years ago I was introduced to a site called CaringBridge.  I used it to keep relatives and friends informed during a family member’s critical illness.  Once the crisis was behind us I put blogging aside until I moved halfway across the country to my present location on the west coast. 

Two things led to my becoming a committed blogger.  The first is that I needed to find a different creative outlet when we moved to British Columbia.  Up until the move I was an avid painter but the wall-to-wall beige carpeting in our new home gave me pause.    Second,  I was  feeling a need for connectedness and words have always been my primary social tool.  In fact, I had begun incorporating words into my paintings – initially as accents, but slowly the words began to take a place of prominence on the canvas.  I still dream of painting an old tree with foliage made entirely of words.  I know I’ll do it one day.  That’s what vacations are for. 

So for me, blogging is a means of expressing my creativity and connecting with others by painting with words.

Do you have a blog?  Why do you do it?  Share your reasons in the comments section – perhaps we can create a mosaic of thoughts!

Would you like to make your own word picture like the one in this post?  Go to and have some fun.

6 Replies to “Painting with Words”

  1. Hi Susan,

    I love reading peoples answers to this question as I find quite often people started for one reason and then found they were gaining something completely different than what was originally hoped.

    I began my blog as a way to communicate our move to Qatar. We had made 7 International moves in 11 years and I’d previously kept people up to date with group emails but I wanted to try a different format.

    The response from my postings was really surprising, people were incredibly kind and I found I was getting responses from all over the world.

    My reason for blogging now are the comments I get from women who have been in similar positions to myself. When someone leaves a “thank you” or a “I’ve been that woman” comment it really touches me and gives me an incredible sense of satisfaction.

    The blog has now taken me down a completely different career path, I am now writing for magazines and online publications and of course now there is the book. So in an indirect way the blog has also provided a source of income.

    Long live the blog!



    1. Kirsty,

      As one of your regular readers I can say we’re really happy you started blogging! You have an honest writing style that brings the reader into your life and makes us feel commonality — even if we have never lived in any of the countries you have called home.

      This is my favourite post of yours. I love it for its colour in describing the audience and for the depth of emotion when describing others’ experiences with the expat life.

      Keep writing!


  2. I started a blog a year ago. At first I thought it would be too much work but I soon began to enjoy writing the posts. I love connecting with people, communicating and sharing thoughts and ideas. I am, among other things, a writer, and what better way to ensure I keep writing. It is a wonderful way to reach people you may never get an opportunity to meet. I have been able to maintain long term friends and make some amazing new ones. It is also a great way to let everyone know what is happening with my writing, pass on book reviews and share other success stories. my blog is


  3. Hi Ahniko,
    Thanks for being the first to comment! I’m getting the sense that you are slightly adventerous. New career, new communication medium, and generously sharing the experience with your readers.

    From now on I will visualize joining you at your “beach log” as I read your entries (click on Ahniko’s name in the comment above to be linked to her site).

    Please feel free to share the link to this post with any bloggers you know. It will be great to gain a variety of responses.

    Kind regards,


  4. Hi Susan,
    This is a good question, and I’m interested in everyone’s answers! For me, I started my blog to develop a professional Internet profile, as all the job search pundits were suggesting, and because I, too, enjoy words and writing.
    But I am finding it also helps to organize my thoughts and my adventures in my new-to-me career of Employment Counseling. I am documenting this journey in a public arena because I thought if there was anyone out there who had thoughts, ideas or experiences to contribute I would be grateful for their input. My blog is my “beach log” I pulled up to the campfire to join my fellow beach-loggers as the sun sets against the smell of toasting marshmallows!


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