Just Say It – Don’t Make Them Guess

It’s a novice move we’ve all been guilty of.  Instead of making a clear request we drop subtle hints.   We tell ourselves it feels more gentle… even mannerly.  Not so.  To put it in harsh terms: sacrificing clarity to avoid conflict is a cowardly play that is far easier on the hinter then the hintee

Take time to distill your message to crystal clarity – and then go ahead and deliver it respectfully and with heart.

If you make them guess what’s on your mind don’t be disappointed when their guess doesn’t match your intended message.


4 Replies to “Just Say It – Don’t Make Them Guess”

  1. You can’t say it much clearer than that, Susan! I know I’ve done it… thinking, “break it to them gently” or, perhaps, “if I only tell them a half truth…”. It didn’t take long to learn to say what I mean…
    Great post.


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