The paperless office.   I’ve been waiting for its arrival since the advent of the word processor in the early 1980’s.  I so admire those sleek business travelers sitting next to me on the plane with nothing but a tiny iPad or Netbook while I balance my 8 pound laptop and 3 floppy paper files on my knees.

Paper is seductive.  There is something satisfyingly concrete about poring over printed financial reports — the paper just waiting for your tiny notations in the margins, so accepting of the bright yellow highlighter poised over its surface.

A reasonable compromise.  This year I started scanning my handwritten meeting notes to be saved as digital files.  Once inserted in an Excel workbook it’s easy to add notations and even hyperlinks to other files.  I can’t seem to make the transition for other documents.  As a mobile worker, this is a problem.  Five years ago I switched to a briefcase on wheels — which is not unlike a hoarder renting extra storage space instead of dealing with the real problem: too much stuff.

Wednesday is “cold turkey” day.  I think I can do this if I take it one day at a time.  On Wednesday I will carry no paper. So if you see me lugging my laptop into Starbuck’s, give me a smile and a nod.  And hide your paper.


5 thoughts on “The Weight of Success (or “where did all this paper come from?”)

    1. Hi Darren,
      No plug ins – this is the standard comment form for this theme. I’ve noticed that the comments format for each theme varies slightly. I know this because I change my theme several times per year. A marketing no-no perhaps, but changing themes is one of the things I love about WordPress. Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving comments.


  1. I remember reading articles in the 80’s (when I sold printers retail) that the days of the printer were limited… If I remember correctly now, 2009 was HP’s best year yet for selling printers! Perhaps we are getting closer. Frankly, I can’t wait!


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