In Search of Boredom

Creativity and ideation are not readily summoned at will.  Turns out we need a little boredom in our lives to spark really great ideas.  Think about the moments when you came up with your best gems.  Chances are you were in bed, in the bath or on a bus.  I didn’t make that up.  It’s called the 3 B’s of the creative process.  A relaxed mind is a gazillion times more likely to engage in free thinking.  If you can get yourself beyond relaxed and achieve boredom — voila!  You’ve just arrived in the land of brilliant thought.

The problem with this is boredom is on its way to joining the dodo bird in the land of the extinct.  Most of us use gadgets and productivity tools to eliminate any possibility of wasted moments.  We seem to be driven to fill each second with useful activities.  This week when the dental hygienist left to fetch my X-rays I whipped out my Blackberry and responded to 3 messages before I even knew what I was doing.  I know I’m not alone in this.  Everywhere I go I see people who look like me — hand poised on the Blackberry ready to assume the position (head down, thumbs flying).

Creativity is important.  It keeps us fresh and moves business forward to bigger and better things.  In honour of creativity I’m publishing a quote from Edenland.  Eden Riley wrote it as part of a post called “How To Blog“.  I think it’s appropriate right here on this page and it would be equally appropriate anywhere else there are people seeking to encourage others to keep the ideas flowing.

When you create things in life, a river trickles in your heart. If you keep doing it, it gushes into your secret underground trapdoor heart spring that you never even knew was there. ~~Eden Riley

Use your time wisely. Get good and bored.


4 Replies to “In Search of Boredom”

  1. Susan, I am honoured that you liked something I wrote so much, that you posted it in your own blog.

    Ironically, I really needed to hear that today. So thank you – thank me. Thank us very much.



  2. I am amazed to read that inspirational thought. I never pictured a heart with a trapdoor. I realize that my hesitation sometimes tires me to the point of second thoughts that interfere with typing ability. When I am truly inspired I can type quickly and accurately spilling all that I have and there it is. The trapdoor is opened and reveal what is there.


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