Wrongology: Letting Go of Rightness

We go to great lengths to prove we’re right.  We defend our point of view when challenged.  We debate and argue to get others to see things our way. And yet we celebrate movies and books that surprise us with plot twists and red herrings just so that we can enjoy the feeling of being wrong when we get to the end of the story.  What happens to us in real life that compels us to be right?  Are we missing opportunities to be surprised and delighted?

If you can spare 18 minutes to watch this insightful TED video, I promise you will gain a new appreciation for being wrong every once in a while.


4 Replies to “Wrongology: Letting Go of Rightness”

  1. I’m not as inclined to watch videos as I am to read posts because of the time involved, but I followed your advice and watched this one. So glad I did. It had me listening to the very end. Kathryn’s counsel to “step outside of that tiny terrified space of rightness” reflects so well how we limit ourselves and our relationships be they personal or professional by our fear of being wrong and therein inadequate.


  2. That video speaks to me In that I wanted to be able to live like the Flintstones. I thought life would be so easy because of well, the paperless society we were supposed to have when just going to the grocery store brings so much paper with it. Perhaps as I grew older I would be able to travel when in reality the older generation lives long enough that I have responsibilities unthought of when I envisioned retirement. I was wrong when I thought medicine would heal all ills until I listened to the TV advertisements that explain all the side effects of healing those ills. I was wrong when I thought we had saved enough for our retirement. Wow, after reviewing the stock market yesterday, I WAS WRONG.


    1. 16maurice,

      Your words show an openness to change and a willingness to let reality in. I’m sure you have a lot to share with the younger generations.

      By the way, I’m with you on the Flintstones. I was looking forward to the day when all I had to do is stick a bone in my hair and I would be drop-dead gorgeous.



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