It’s Not Enough To Hire The Best – Great Leaders Add Vision, Stretch Goals & Accountability To The Mix

Even superstars need a lift every now and then.  And sometimes they need a push to get out their comfort zone to reach for that next level of achievement.

I’ve heard managers say they hire great people and then stay out of their way.   It amazes me each time I hear that.  Maybe that’s why so many companies have double-digit turnover rates.

~Great leaders challenge and stretch their people.~

Nothing merits a leader’s attention more than a motivated achiever.  Here are some tried and true coaching questions designed to edge the conversation out of the mainstream and into the margins where you can play.

What’s working well for you right now?

What’s not working so well?

What are you committed to accomplishing in the next 90 days?

If you had no time restrictions, what would you do?

What are you hoping we won’t get to talk about?

Which goal are you most excited about?

Which goal leaves you cold and unmotivated?


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