Investing In Your People

Providing timely feedback is the best way to show your people you care about them.

There is an important distinction between feedback and criticism.  Criticism focuses on the past by pointing out what went wrong while feedback focuses on the future by discussing what adjustments might be made next time.

Feedback proposes possibilities.

Imagine that one of your superstars just presented his quarterly results to you.  In the absence of feedback this is still a positive conversation.  However, the addition of feedback in the form of helpful probing leads your rock star to decide which elements could be even better in the coming quarter.

Feedback questions that stretch one’s abilities are important to achievers.

Try these:

  • What went well that you want to do more of next quarter?
  • Is there anything you need to stop doing?
  • What do we need to watch for so that you don’t get pulled off course?
  • Is there a particular area where I can help you?
  • What do I do / what does the company do, that hinders your performance?

Comments are always welcome.

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