Feeling Like a Baby When It Comes to Online Recruitment?

The great thing about online recruitment is that it’s cost effective and increases your reach.  The bad thing about online recruitment is that it’s cost effective and increases your reach.  What?

It’s true.

Because it’s so inexpensive and far reaching, it’s easy to embark on a path that yields mountains of responses yet provides little in the way of high-quality hires.  The trick is to write an effective ad; one that generates interest and gets the right people to respond.

3 Steps to Writing an Effective Online Job Ad

1.  Grab attention with a snappy job title.

Most candidates will decide which job ads to read by first skimming a page full of job titles which may or may not include a dozen or so words from the ad itself.  You are literally competing for attention.  Choose your job title wisely.  It doesn’t matter that HR calls it Prepping Clerk III — you  need something catchy like Documentation Hero.

2. Make the job description all about the applicant.

Winning job ads can expect a full 9 seconds of attention from those who click through to the full text ad.  Guard your first 12 words jealously!  If you’re like most employers you will start out with a description of your company.  Yawn.  Make the job description all about the applicant.  If you must include a paragraph about your company, place it at the bottom.

3. Tell them what they need to know.

The geographic location of the job, mandatory requirements such as experience or education, and whether relocation costs or foreign sponsorship will be considered are important elements.  That last point may seem unimportant until you consider that your advertisement will be seen by folks around the globe.  Stating your ability to accommodate applicants from other areas will reduce the number of unusable applications and free your staff to focus on the right candidates.

If you’re still feeling a bit daunted by the whole online thing, you may want to invest in some training.  Here is one example of the hundreds of courses that are available.

With a little forethought, e-cruiting can form an effective foundation of your recruitment strategy and a become an ongoing source of talent.


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