Recruiter Workload

Setting appropriate goals for recruiters is a tough task.  Generalist recruiters handle a wide variety of positions which creates productivity peaks and valleys.  Specialists may enjoy a steadier, more predictable workflow in terms of number of hires expected; their challenges come from the differing preferences of the hiring managers they support.  In the agency world, client mix produces measurement complexity due to variations in administrative requirements from client to client.  And then there are the unrecoverable lost hours from cancelled requisitions…  You see the challenge.

Marcus Buckingham, author of “The One Thing You Need To Know”, advocates finding the one metric that is important above all others.  This is a great principle to follow at the organization level, but one that can cause recruiters great angst — unless the “one thing” is universally understood as critically important to both the company and the recruiter. presents an interesting case by telling Jennifer’s story.  It’s worth a read if you have recruiters in your company.


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