How Can I Win In This Job?

If you’re hiring right now, applicants should be able to expect a clear and succinct answer to that question.

Many recruiting plans go off the rails late in the process when the hiring company suddenly realizes they haven’t invested sufficiently in front-end planning to ensure they’re looking for the right skills.

Try asking that question the next time you’re in a planning session.  “How will the successful candidate win in this job?”

Crystal clear position objectives are measurable.  They’re black and white.  Detailing them before you advertise will simplify the recruitment process, ease onboarding, and increase retention and morale.


2 Replies to “How Can I Win In This Job?”

  1. I live in IL and the same jobs that were on Moster etc were there last year. I cannot believe that they get a way with this. I think they should be FINED if the job is not really available. I worked for a franchise salon and I was told to tell anyone who asked, “we are hiring.” We were not! That is not good.


    1. Hi Jackie,

      Possibly what you are referring to is “ghost posting”. Agencies do this to prepare for incoming orders – often for multiple client companies. There’s nothing wrong with this practice as long as it is clearly identified as such in the ad. It sounds like the ads you’re looking at are not being transparent enough.

      I appreciate your comment – you may see this come up as a future posting on my blog!



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