Are You Building A Brand Or Just Making Noise

There’s a lot of competition for our attention.  Email, phone calls, colleagues, meetings, LinkedIn, direct mail…  Here are 3 steps to help you cut through all the static and reach your intended audience.

1.  Think like a customer.

Most marketing messages are all about the seller.  If you’re not providing a solution or creating a need, you’re just making noise.

2.  Target the right eyes and ears.

Marketing activity without a solid plan behind it is just noise.  Knowing who your target audience is will help you craft a relevant and engaging message.  You’ll know you’re on the right track when your message addresses your prospect’s needs and challenges.

3.  Use multiple media.

If you normally send email messages, mix it up and send something by regular mail.  Add an after-hours voicemail with an intriguing teaser.  Consider augmenting your campaign with traditional print or radio ads.  Just don’t stick to the same old thing every time.


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